The Hairdryer of Dreams – The Cloud Nine Airshot

Taking care of my new hair follicles after undergoing my FUE hair transplant a year, has been one of my top priorities in 2017.

For me now, it is so important that I’m only using top quality products, that will benefit and maintain my healthy new hair. But, there’s no point using good hair products unless I’m using the best styling tools that won’t leave my hair dry, scorched and frizzy.

I’ve owned a DIVA hair dryer for years and I read recently that you should change your hairdryer every three years, so after reading numerous hair dryer round-ups online and having a serious word with myself about not spending £300 on a Dyson hairdryer, I thought I’d put the Cloud Nine Airshot to the test.


What I didn’t realise until the product arrived was, that the Cloud Nine range is created by the founder of GHD, so already I knew it was going to be an item of high-quality.

Aesthetically, the design is sleek and consists of two sets of buttons, with three settings, Power – which offers three power levels from slow, medium and high and Heat, which offers cool, medium-heat and high-heat. I really like that you can flip the cool button, as a posed to press in for a blast as I like to use this setting for 30 seconds to lock in my follicles.

After using the hairdryer for a month, I’ve tended to stick to the medium power and heat settings and I’ve been really impressed with the end results. In the past, I’ve had to overcompensate dryness with hair products and oils, but the Cloud Nine doesn’t leave hair dry which is an absolute godsend.

The Cloud Nine Airshot retails for £99 and I think for a hair dryer that’s going to last the next three years, it’s a great investment.

Check out Cloud Nine’s full range over at 

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