Introducing The New Seven-Blade Dorco Classic Razor*

Having coarse facial hair can mean getting through endless amounts of replaceable blades and let’s face it – they’re not cheap! Although grateful for the density and coverage of my beard, having coarse facial hair can blunt standard high street razor blades and leave razor burn when not changed regularly.

I have to tidy up my neck and cheek hair every couple of days to keep it looking sharp and so I’m always looking to better my grooming regime. I thought I’d put Dorco’s new seven-blade classic razor to the test – one of the most exciting shaving innovations of 2017 so far.

In terms of design, the blades appear thinner and tighter together than others, due to the angulated blade technology. The top of the razor has a lubricating strip with antioxidants from Argan oil and Calendula extract and the lower part of the razor has a rubber honeycomb grill for gliding over the contours of the face. The handle is a gloss black, giving a masculine feel which wouldn’t look unattractive sitting by a bathroom sink.

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On my skin, I felt the seven blades give a closer cut, particularly on areas I’d usually have to go over a couple of times. The thinner blades worked well in hard to reach areas, such as around my mouth and underneath my moustache.

Post-shave, I’m usually reaching for my post-aftershave balm instantly, but the Dorco Classic Razor lubricated my sensitive areas enough to eliminate any redness, dryness or bumps.

All in all a well-designed, luxury razor for a really fair price that is conveniently delivered to my door. An exciting new product from the brand that has been creating razors for over 60 years.

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I’ve partnered up with Dorco to give The Discerning Man readers 20% The Dorco Classic Razor until 31st July. Just type in the promo code DISCERNING20 to receive your discount at


*This is a sponsored post with Dorco, all opinions expressed are all mine and not that of Dorco.






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